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Long covid and its challenging perils

I’ve followed a few groups on social media related to #COVID-19. There are many posts frpm people writing about the symptoms they are experiencing. There are so many wonder if the specific symptoms themselves are the issue. It appears to me that the virus… Continue Reading “Long covid and its challenging perils”

Stigma and Prejudice

#COVID-19 Taking a walk down into the village today, I was struck by reactions of people toward me from some. I am currently in recovery from Covid-19 virus. It was a harrowing experience having spent a week in hospital. I’m not back to work… Continue Reading “Stigma and Prejudice”

The issue of new covid-19 vaccines

I’ve noticed a lot of people taking an interest in the issue of upcoming vaccines and the continued for and against arguments. I’m also concerned about the somewhat accusatory label of “antivaxer”. I believe both sides of the argument have some value. This is… Continue Reading “The issue of new covid-19 vaccines”

setting personal boundaries in a pandemic

When I was first notified that I had tested positive for Covid-19 and subsequently advised people, one of the reactions i received was along the lines of “Oh right, you probably caught in when……..” Frankly, this felt judgemental and was not helpful, particularly as… Continue Reading “setting personal boundaries in a pandemic”

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