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Stigma and Prejudice

#COVID-19 Taking a walk down into the village today, I was struck by reactions of people toward me from some. I am currently in recovery from Covid-19 virus. It was a harrowing experience having spent a week in hospital. I’m not back to work… Continue Reading “Stigma and Prejudice”

The issue of new covid-19 vaccines

I’ve noticed a lot of people taking an interest in the issue of upcoming vaccines and the continued for and against arguments. I’m also concerned about the somewhat accusatory label of “antivaxer”. I believe both sides of the argument have some value. This is… Continue Reading “The issue of new covid-19 vaccines”

setting personal boundaries in a pandemic

When I was first notified that I had tested positive for Covid-19 and subsequently advised people, one of the reactions i received was along the lines of “Oh right, you probably caught in when……..” Frankly, this felt judgemental and was not helpful, particularly as… Continue Reading “setting personal boundaries in a pandemic”

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